Are we alone in the universe ?

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I think not, the probability is quite high when you think our galaxy alone has approx 300 billion stars in it, and there are approx 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe.
If you think how many of these stars in all these galaxies could have a system of planets around them, which makes the probability very high that there could be planets like ours out there.

What are your thoughts on the subject ??
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I think the chances of there being NO life in the universe must be, statistically, close to zero.

Life as we know it, well that is probably very likely as well. But the fascinating stuff will be life as we don't know it. One can only wonder at the possibilities that are out there, some we probably can't comprehend because we have no knowledge of the base 'ingredients' even!

I, for one, am incredibly jealous of the generation that will live in the age of the first interstellar travel, and beyond. It'll be like the old west, or being with Columbus again and I would have been one of those pioneers doing it. I find the draw of the unknown, and untamed very strong. I just hope they actually call it Star Fleet!