Bigfoot Sightings

Post Posted 01.03.2016 ♦ 15:55

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Perhaps the most famous creature of all - along with the Loch Ness Monster - that comes under Cryptozoology is, of course, Bigfoot. Or Sasquatch, the skunk-ape or the hairy man, depending on who you listen to.

Despite currently being the world hide-and-seek champion, there is a growing body of evidence that seems to suggest that Bigfoot may indeed be real!

This topic aims to share, and debate, the best video, audio and photographic evidence that Bigfoot is, in fact, real.

The first clip I'd like to share is: - A cameraman filming a creek in Utah hears a noise and proceeds to capture what appears to be a Bigfoot moving through the brush on the opposite side. It would be interesting to hear what everyone thinks, without knowing the context it's impossible to say it's definitive, but, it is certainly compelling.